Pharmacovigilance Services:

At Pvigi, our Pharmacovigilance Services are designed to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products. Leveraging our expertise and in-depth understanding of regional regulations, we offer comprehensive pharmacovigilance solutions. From adverse event monitoring to risk management, signal detection, and regulatory reporting, our tailored services prioritize patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Local Literature Screening:

Our Local Literature Screening service is crafted to navigate the rich tapestry of language and diverse sources prevalent in Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. We meticulously sift through local literature, academic publications, and regional databases to extract relevant insights crucial for your research, compliance, and product lifecycle. Our multilingual team ensures that no critical information is missed, providing a comprehensive synthesis of knowledge tailored to your specific requirements.

Regulatory Intelligence Services:

Stay ahead of regulatory changes and industry trends with Pvigi’s Regulatory Intelligence Services. We monitor and analyze the dynamic regulatory landscape, providing timely insights into evolving guidelines, policies, and compliance requirements. Our detailed reports and actionable recommendations empower your organization to proactively navigate regulatory challenges, ensuring compliance and strategic decision-making in an ever-changing environment.

Medical Information Services:

Pvigi’s Medical Information Services are dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable, and timely medical information to support healthcare professionals and stakeholders. We provide comprehensive data analysis, scientific literature reviews, and customized information packages. Whether you need medical inquiries support, literature summaries, or educational materials, our service ensures that you have access to verified and pertinent information.

Each of these services is tailored to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and healthcare organizations operating in the diverse and complex regions of Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. Contact us to explore how Pvigi’s expertise and regional focus can elevate your pharmacovigilance, regulatory intelligence, local literature screening, and medical information needs to new heights of excellence.

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